Immediately after the Route 91 tragedy, our city came together like something I’ve personally never witnessed. I only moved here nearly 3 years ago and I’ve never personally been so close to a tragedy such as this. It really affected our city so much.

I started this project having no clue where it would lead or what it would look like, I just know that when everything falls apart in my world, if I can find HOPE for my future, it keeps me moving. It helps me grow away from darkness.

I put out a video on Facebook and started getting responses and hearing stories that really blew my mind. How do people live through something this frightening and not have their life altered in some way.

The more people I spoke with and the more pain I heard, the more I heard hope in their voices and it was so inspiring.

Our first photo session was with two brothers, Chris and Brian Hollermeier. They both lost each other and, in all the madness at two separate time during the shooting, ended up helping and saving the life of someone who was shot.

We had no intentions of doing videos, only photos with a caption of inspiration for those still hurting, but 20 minutes after they started speaking, I said “can we record this?” The agreed and our entire project shifted directions.

Since then we’ve videoed 9 peoples stories and their stories are compelling, moving and inspirational. We are still seeking more stories. Due to the time constraints of video production, the formats might differ, but the mission will remain the same: To give hope to survivors – from Route 91 or any other tragedy life has thrown their way.

We will be releasing interviews and stories in the coming days and I hope that you’ll follow us and share through your social media outlets.

With love,

Levi Walker